Thursday, August 07, 2014

Why don't blog very much right now

I do not blog very much right now for several reasons, and these are in no particular order.

1. I have a baby who is trying to get 8 teeth in, all at the same time. When he is not doing that, he is on the floor (which we DO vacuum sometimes) consuming large quantities of dog hair (from the dog we DO brush sometimes) He also breast feeds and is learning to eat baby food, which is a complicated process that involves the repeated smearing on and scraping off the face and neck of the baby a simple nearly liquid food substance, and in the process, combining it with the baby's saliva, thereby doubling the original quantity of baby food, rendering the task of finishing the food impossible.

2. I have an almost 2 year old and two 3 year olds who are bent on my and their imminent destruction. Most recently, the 3 year old female cut off significant portions of her previously gorgeous hair. (I may have told this story here already, but I was so traumatized by the event, it will require multiple tellings for me to fully recover.) While I was cutting the rest of the hair to match, she shoved a tiny game piece up her nose, lodging it where it could barely be seen. My eldest son removed it by plugging the other nostril and blowing in her mouth. Hard.

The 3 year old male insists on 'peeing a tree' and the 2 year old insists on carrying food and drink throughout the house.

3. I am training my middle children to be kind, work hard, and treat me and each other with respect... In exchange for turns playing games on the computer. Then I have to break up the fights that ensue as they jockey for the best seats for watching each others' brains melt.

4. My oldest children require a great deal of my attention and every ounce of Christlike-ness and biblical wisdom that I have, and the application of every scripture and life lesson I've ever learned to get through each day.

5. I am struggling to honor God with my body, to feed it well and move it around and lean on Him for the things I tend to go to food for. This is a difficult and constant battle, one I would assume everyone is tired of. I know I am.

6. I am trying and failing miserably at honoring my husband's most basic and appropriate request, simply that we clean up after each meal. Like normal people.

7. Our family is attempting to begin a set together at our local house of prayer. Weekly. Every week. Together. Yeah. Well that is the goal.

8. It is the beginning of August and I am not ready to start school. Not. Ready.

9. It has taken me most of a day to write this, and I am on vacation. My train of thought is not that long. If it takes all day to finish a thought, chances are, it will never be done being thunk.

10. And, the final reason I don't blog very much is that I just don't think I have anything worth saying right now. I'm frankly not very impressed with myself, and I don't know why anybody would want to read what I have to write. Granted, I started this blog for me more than anybody else. But even then, I get tired of saying the same things, get tired of sucking the same ways.

I have things that are really important that I need to do that aren't getting done. So, if you like my blog, and you wish I wrote more, here's what you need to do. Pray to Jesus to help me not suck so bad, so I can blog more often. It sounds like this: "Dear Jesus, please help the amazing super mom be amazing and/or super today. Help her to eat food that her body needs and not eat stuff that will kill her. Help her make time to read her bible and worship You and talk to You today. Help her find joy in doing the things that are hard or seem futile or impossible. Give her wisdom about the coming school year and how to raise teenagers and grace to not throttle preschoolers. Help her Lord. Please. And help her write more blogs for me. Amen."

Something like that.